echniques Sports Games Shot Put Atletic Branch | History | Rules

Techniques Sports Games Shot Put Atletic Branch | History | Rules
Shot put is one of the athletic sports which are included in the numbers thrown. Shot put athlete throwing a heavy metal ball as far as possible the so-called bullet. This bullet is the main equipment in the sport. The shape is round like a ball and made of iron. Weight bearing adapted to its users, among others:
• For senior men = 7.257 kg
• For senior women = 4 kg
• For the junior men's = 5 kg
• For junior girls = 3 kg

Various weight throw events there have been more than 2000 years ago in the British Isles. At first, these activities are conducted by using a ball of rock. While the first activity that describes the modern shot put, seems to be happening in the Middle Ages when soldiers conducting the game by throwing the burden of so-called canon cannon balls or bullets.
The match shot put record at the beginning of the 19th century in Scotland and is part of the British amateur championship in 1866. Shot put is an original modern Olympic events held in Athens, Greece in 1896.
A. Basic techniques Shot Put
There are some basic techniques in the shot put, among them:
a. Holding techniques Bullets
There are three techniques hold the bullet: the fingers are stretched while the little finger slightly bent, and is next to the bullet, while the thumb in a reasonable manner. For those who fingered a strong and long fingers rather tight, thumb on the side, next to the little finger is behind the bullet. Commonly used by the champions. Like the above way, it's just the attitude of the fingers stretched over again, while the location of the little finger behind the bullet. Suitable for people with short arms and small fingers.
b. Putting techniques Bullets In Shoulder
The bullet is held by one of the above, put a bullet in the shoulder and attaches to the neck side. Elbow that holds the shells opened slightly to the side and his other hand on the left side of the body relax.
c. Refuse techniques Bullets
• How to hold the bullet
The ball is placed at the tip of the bullet palms, the roots of the fingers. Index finger, and pinkie fingers amid the main points to help the throw. Little finger and thumb to keep it from slipping bullets. Bullets should be near the neck until the time of rejection.
• Preparation of refuse
Condition of the right hand holding the bullet that was stuck on the shoulder. Elbow that holds the shells opened slightly to the side, while the left hand on the left side attempted to relax the body. The left hand serves to keep the balance.
When will refuse, or throw, the elbow should be as high as possible and continue to follow behind the bullet. At the time the bullet was removed, do not ever let the fixed arm below the bullet or withdrawn in a hurry. The second leg arranged parallel, facing towards the target of the throw and the distance between the feet slightly wider than hip width.
• Rejection stand
The current position of refusing to be emphasized in the legs because the legs are the strongest part of the body. Right foot placed in front of the rear boundary of the circle. While the left foot is on the left side as wide as the body and in alignment with the direction of the throw. At the time of the whole body facing toward the repulsion, the bullet fast ditolakkan flat-out to the front (direction repulsion). The road should be straight and repulsion lemparnnya maximum angle of 40 °.
B. Things that Need to Look For in the Shot Put Technique
The provisions of disqualification / failure of the participants shot put: 1) Touch the upper limit of the beam, 2) Touching the ground outside the circle, 3) Exit from the front entrance circle diameter, 4) Called for 3 minutes have not been rejected, 5) A bullet is placed in the back of the head , 6) The bullet fell out of the circle sector, 7) Stepping on the circle line of the field, 8) Exit through the front line of the circle, 9) Exit the circle is not a quiet walk, 10) participants have failed to throw a pitch three times.
Some of the things suggested: 1) Bring the left leg lowered, 2) Get the balance of the motion of both legs with the left leg lead in the back, 3) Keep your upper body relaxed while the bottom moves, 4) Generate a series of rapid movement and much on the right leg, 5) Turn the right foot inward while doing glides, 6) Keep the left hip and shoulder rear-facing as long as possible, 7) Bring your left hand in a position close to the body, 8) Hold the top of his lungs with the left leg.
Some things to avoid: 1) Do not have a beginning balance in stance, 2) Making the leap when sliding the right foot, 3) To appoint a high body when doing slide, 4) is not far enough pull your right leg under the body, 5) Landing with right foot facing backward, 5) Move the left leg too much to one side, 6) Too early to open the body, 7) Landing with the body facing sideways or forward.
C. Equipment
Tools used: 1) Meter Roll, 2) Small Flag, 3) Chalk / raffia rope, 4) Bullets, 5) Obrient (back to the repulsion force), 6) Orthodox (sideways force).
D. Field Shot Put
Field shot put circle diameter of 2.135 m. Shot put circle should be made of iron, steel or other suitable material is curved, the top should be flush with the outer surface of the ground. The inside of the starting circle made of cement, asphalt or other materials that are solid but not slippery. Surface must be flat in a circle starting from 20 mm-6 mm lower than the upper lip paten. The line width of 5 cm should be made on the iron circle of 0.75 m extends along the left circle to the right of this line is made of paint or wood. Inner diameter of the circle of departure is 2.135 m. The iron circle of minimum thickness 6 mm and refuse to be painted white. Retaining beam made of wood or other suitable material in a arc / curve so that the inner edge coincides with the starting edge of the circle, making it more sturdy. Beam width from 11.2 to 30 cm, 1.21 to 1.23 m in length, 9.8 to 10.2 cm thick.
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