Disc Throwing Techniques | Definition of Throw Disc | Disc Throw History

Definition of throwing discs
Disc Throwing Techniques | Definition of Throw Disc | Disc Throw History
To throw the disc memahmi understanding, we first understand pemgertian throwing discs. Throwing is a sport with throwing (javelin, bullet, hammer, discs). (WJS Poerwadarminta, 1976: 584).
While the disc a saucer-shaped object timber framed iron belt (Didi Sugandi, 1986: 51).

So throw the disc is one of a number of athletic competitions in the use of a plate-shaped wooden object belted iron, circular or other material that is thrown flat.
History of Throwing Discs
Based on historical remarks that throw the disc is one of the athletic numbers, this can we learn from Homer's book entitled "Odyssy" in ancient times.
In the book it tells Odyssy that motion movement is the basis of athletic walk, run, jump and throw that has been recognized by primitive peoples in prehistoric times. In fact it can be said since the human-motion movement is known.
They are doing the walk, run, jump and throw solely in order to survive. Inside of this venture depends on their physical efiiensi. Those who are less skilled, less durable to walk, not run fast, jump or throw lubber would die of starvation or fall prey to wild animals may even be the victims of natural disasters.
So since prehistoric times, man has realized the benefits of endurance running distance, running speed, agility jumps and throws. So there are some people who think athletics is the oldest sport.
The Dutch called it "Athletics is a moerder der sporten" which means it is the parent of all athletic sports. Although the basic athletic movements have been known since the existence of man, but the athletics competitions including throwing discs that have been done in recent history occurred remarks on the antiquity of about 1000 years BC. It can be known from the book written by the Greek poet Homeros.
In this book also tells the adventures Odysseus Homeros. That when Odysseus stranded on an island that turns out disebuah named Phaeacia, king named Alcinaus. After Odysseus was brought to the king, then held a festive reception. In that event, the youth held a series perlombaan.pemuda mempertujukan Phaeacia the skill in the sprint race, wrestling, jumping, boxing, and throwing disc.
Once the circuit is completed, the king asked that Odysseus menberikan Aleinaus demotrasi throwing discs. Odysseus was originally rejected by the subtle, but the king urged on the grounds that pumuda Phaeacia can see how to throw a perfect disc, then request the king had to be met. Without undressing war was made of metal, Odysseus got up to ask permission to the king, then go take the disc is the toughest arena and with the sweetest style of throwing the disc, the disc melucur and falls far short of the achievable distance athletes from Phaeacia (Sunaryo Basuki, 1979: 24).
Quote from this book convinced that the ancient Greeks had known athletics, here seen the numbers run, jump, and throw a disc which is the number of athletics as we know it until now.

To achieve maksmum distance on throwing discs, athletes must balance three components namely speed, technique and strength.
Disc Throwing techniques.
A. How to hold discs
To facilitate the holding, the disc is placed in the palm of your left hand (for right-handed thrower) while the right hand placed over the center of the disc, the fourth finger rather rare (open) edge of the disc cover (last knuckle cover disc) while the thumb is free.
2. There are two forces in the thrown disc
• Style side
Attitudes start up tilt / sideways toward the target, will shortly start spinning right arm swung far to the rear, the axis of rotation to the left foot (front foot or the tip) for rotating the right arm is always in the back, threw the body in position behind the right arm lowered view towards the target, after the disc out of the hands of the right foot forward left foot rests dibekas who had now swung to the rear.
• Style rear
First the attitude of my back to the direction of the throw just going around the right arm swung far to the rear view will begin to look to the left, when I started spinning the end of the axis of the left foot and left foot repulsion is also the body slid into the direction of the throw, his right leg swung around to the left as soon as possible to feet, the moment the left foot right foot landed too quickly diayum left to stand there and throw attitude, after the disc out of hand quickly swing right leg forward and left foot swung back.
Regulations in throwing cakaram
Throw the disc should start with a balanced stance with the throwing circle without stepping on the circle line. Thrower should not leave the throwing circle before the jury said the legal position through the establishment of semi-circular section dalam.pelempar be touching the inner wall of the beam limits the throw but must not touch the top. The throw will be measured with the throw that pulled from a nearby former ketepi discs fall within the beam. If a participant is more than 8 people, then the participant will be given the right to throw as much as 3 times, then the best pitcher to be determined 8 to follow the next round (final). When participants in the race to 8 people or less, as much as 6 times the chance of throwing the final straight.
Pitch circle is made of iron, steel or other suitable material. The top mounted flush with the ground outside it. The inside is made of cement, asphalt or other materials that are sturdy but not slippery surface must be flat in the lower 14 mm to 26 mm from the top edge of the circle.
The size of the center line of the inner circle throwing was 2.5 m, thickness 6 mm iron and throwing circle must be painted white. 5 cm wide white line should be drawn from the top of the circle 75 cm long iron on both sides of the circle.