Table Tennis Basic techniques | Learn to Play Table Tennis | Table Tennis Tactics And Strategy

A. Table tennis
Table Tennis Basic techniques | Learn to Play Table Tennis | Table Tennis Tactics And Strategy
A. Definition of Table Tennis
The definition of table tennis is a game that uses the table as the field is limited by the net (net) that uses a small ball made out of the Celluloid and the game use the paddle or the so-called bet (MONE, 2003: 3).

2. Tools and Facilities
The equipment and facilities used are as follows:

Rectangular table with a length of 274 cm, width 152.5 cm, and height 76 cm.
Net (net) including pengantungnya rope length 183 cm, and height of 15.25 cm.
The ball is round, made of Celluloid or plastic, white or faded, its diameter 37.2 mm or 38.2 mm, with a weight of 2.40 grams or 5.50 grams.
Bet or similar rackets tebuat of thick wood, and wood background, dark and dull surface, when the leaves are coated with rubber spotted bat and stick out and the whole thickness of not more than 2 mm.
3. Tactics and Strategy

Tactics is a strategy game weeks to face the opponent, in order to be able to win the game. (Sukintak, 1979: 16).

The strategy is a strategy that is general, comprehensive, and involves many aspects (Sukintak, 1979: 16). The strategy covers the elements that play a lot of first analyzing his own shortcomings, which both analyze the other side. Game opponents have learned to know his weaknesses, which need to be considered before starting its service is the attitude of the body, and how the service is performed. These elements that will be able to provide an overview of the types of service performed and where they lead ball, and vice versa a player should be able to hide his weaknesses. So a player should be able to master a wide range of patterns of play that the opponent does not quickly master the game.
B. Definition of Service
Service is a blow that made to start or open a game with each of the bat to start the top of the net after the ball bounced on the service. Can also be added that the service is the first action in a game of table tennis as well as the first attack for players who perform services which are difficult or hard to be accepted by the other side it can be used a weapon to make an attack. (Drs. Soetomo, 1985: 553).
C. Types of Service
In the game of table tennis there are two kinds of service that is
A. Forehand Service
Forehand service is service performed by the front of the bat / racket, on the right weight for a player who holds the bat with his right or left side of the body for a left-handed players. (Napitupulu, 1982: 57).
2. Service backhand
Service backhand service is performed by using the back of the head of the bat / racket. (Nupitupulu, 1982: 10).
D. Engineering service forehand and backhand techniques
If the bat / racket in table form an angle of 900, then the bet is perpendicular position. 900 If the angle is smaller, then the bet is a closed position. Whereas if dudutnya greater than 900, then the bet position is open. (Sumarno et al, 1993: 358)
As for how to do the service forehand and backhand service are as follows
A. Technics Service Forehand

Foot position, the Service has a basic stance forehand body leaning slightly toward the table, with the understanding that the left leg was in front, (for those who are right-handed).
Position arm, upper arm forming a small angle with the body of the arm that leads to the bottom.
Position Bet, bet When performing service is open, the purpose of an open bet is the ball position perkenaan bet the front facing forward.
Movement of service performed from bottom to top, from right to left, from back to front. Gerakanya end His forearm in front of the forehead. So, during the forearm blows to form a smaller angle.
2. Service backhand technique

Stance foot position, two legs stand parallel to the table.
Attitude Arm, arm pointing forward, forearms form a larger angle. Hand holding the bat closer to the body of the elbow.
Position Bet, bet During the service open. At the time of the service position bet the front facing forward.
Service Movement, Movement of service done from back to front, from left to right and from top to bottom.
Returns Ball, In an effort to return the ball is basically no chance to the players to turn off the ball.
Apart from the basic and service movements mentioned above, there are a few more things to consider in doing service forehand and backhand service such as:

Throwing the ball to the top
Bat swing when hitting the ball
When perkenaan (inpact) ball with a bat
Attitude or end up
Analyzing the movement needs to be completely controlled by any player wants when presenting the service worked well. The explanation of each sabagai and movements are as follows:
1) The view
In the implementation of the service we should see the ball because we want our stomach that knocked the ball can be inflated properly and accurately. Once we turn towards the next ball gaze turned to the target we want / want to go. By doing so means we also have done a good service needs to concentration.
Service is the first attack in a game of table tennis since the service is good and the views which we know the places that are difficult to be returned by the opponent will result in a value (point).
2) Throw the ball to the top
Throwing the ball up in any kind of service is an important requirement in the rules of table tennis. The ball bounced not be considered unlawful or service fails, for throwing the ball is the next stage of the first set by hitting the ball (Hitting The Ball). Pitching motion is noteworthy because if we do not throw the perfect punch will result in not on target / failed to rebound the ball. To avoid the mistakes that we do not want to do a good pitch, namely: the ball is placed in the hands (palms) the left hand with closed fingers except the thumb and the ball bounced upward at an angle of not more than 45O from the vertical line and then beaten.
3) Swing the hand when hitting the ball
The swing arms are either very desirable in the present service, because his swing is a movement beginning to hit as well as to determine the appropriate target to get a good result in the presentation of the service, his swing (bat) and the right side and the ball must be coordinated.
How to do this are as follows: at first stood aside and take the attitude of the body leaning forward, while the bet is held just behind and below the ball is not moving with daunya lifted up. Throw the ball from a free hand to grab the bat swing in unison forward and upward to the top of the ball meyikat.
4) When perkenaan (Inpect) ball with a bat
Along with the ball falling from a height, that's when the ball perkenaan bet. At the moment the ball hit the bat or stick, the next component is greater than the above components, so that the ball travels to the front and hard.
5) Movement up / end
After pekenaan ball forward movement of the arm to the next stop in front of the left side or in front of the forehead so the movement is a lift up the ball to pass through the net and then bounces on the table. (Drs. Soetomo, 1985: 554-556). Table tennis
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