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History of swimming | the swim | Swim Technique | List of swimming styleshas been known to swim sejah pre-history.History Renag | Style Pool | Swimming Technique | List of swimming styles. Of the images are from the stone age of the caves are known for the swimmers near Wadi Sora in southwest Egypt. In Japan, the swim is a skill that must be owned by the samurai. History records, the game's first swim was held by Emperor Suigui in 36 BC.

Swimming match for the title has been started in Europe about 1800 and mostly using breaststroke. freestyle swim was first introduced by Arthur Trudgen. This style is combined with style and started kicking leg by Richard Cavill in 1902. In the Middle Ages, including swimming in the seven skills that must be owned by the knights with weapons including a swim.Swimming sports competed in the first modern Olympic Games 1896 in Athens, Greece. At these Olympics, competed only four numbers from the original plan of six numbers. Each of these is the 100 meter, 500 meter, 1,200 meter, free numbers, and 100 meters for sailors. Second Olympics held in Paris, France in 1900 and fight for the 200 m, 1,000 m, 4,000 m, free numbers, 200 m breaststroke, and 200 m number of teams.Unity Centre International (Federation Internationale De De Natation Amateur / FINA) was formed in 1908 originally set, butterfly style is a variation of the breaststroke. This new style into a separate style in 1952. The new woman allowed to go swimming at the Olympic games 1912 in Stockholm, The Netherlands. New rose-free number. Along with the development of the sport more popular swimming pool. Growing pool of fans. In fact, often the children are taught swimming at a very early age.
Swimming style is the way to the movement of arms and legs following the coordination of the two movements that allow people to swim forward in the water. Nevertheless, one can also swim just by moving both legs while the arms remain silent, or only with both arms while the feet remain stationary. This swimming so do disabled persons and the lame.In addition to the four types of styles which competed swim (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly), still known to swim a variety of other styles. In a race known to swim medley swim term that refers to the order of the swim to be done. In a number of individual medley swim, swimmer's start with the butterfly style, followed by backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and end with.
Freestyle (English: front crawl) is swimming with chest position overlooking the water surface. Both arms are alternately driven far into the future with the pedaling motion, while both feet alternately dicambukkan up and down up and down. When swimming freestyle, the position of her face to the surface of the water. Breathing performed when the arm is moved out of the water, when the body becomes tilted and the head turned to the side. When taking a breath, swimmers can choose to turn to the left or right. Compared to other swimming styles, swimming freestyle is a style that can make the body go faster in the water.Unlike the backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) is set of techniques used in the race swimming the freestyle category. Swimmers may swim any style, except the breaststroke, backstroke, or butterfly. Even though there are still techniques to swim "freestyle" to another, Krol style (front crawl) is used almost universally by the swimmer in the freestyle race, so Krol style synonymous with freestyle.
Butterfly is one of style swim with chest position overlooking the water surface. Both arms simultaneously pressed down and moved to the outside before it swung into the future. While both legs simultaneously kicking down and up like the movement of the tail fin fish or dolphins. Exhaled air tightly from the mouth and nose before the head emerges from the water, and air is inhaled through the mouth when the head is outside the water.Compared to other swimming styles, swimming butterfly style requires great strength of the swimmer. The fastest swimmer butterfly can swim faster than freestyle swimmer. Swimming speed of the butterfly style of swing obtained both hands simultaneously. Butterfly is the newest swimming style swam in the game. Butterfly swimmer first time participating in swimming competitions in 1933.Different from the freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke that can generally be easily mastered, beginners need more time to study the movement of the hand and leg coordination in butterfly style. Most of the beginners also regard the butterfly as the most difficult style to learn. Third compared to other swim styles, poor movement technique in butterfly style can not be covered by the amount of energy released swimmers.
Breaststroke or frog is swimming with chest position overlooking the water surface, but different from the free-style, always in a state trunk remains. Both feet kicking outward while both hands straightened out in front. Both open hands to the side like the movement of bodies through the water to move faster in the future. Body movements mimic the movement of the frog was swimming so-called frog style. Breathing is done when the mouth is on the surface of water, after a single-leg movements of hands or two hand-foot movements.Breaststroke swimming style is most popular for recreational swimming. Stable body position and head can be outside the water for a long time. In swimming lessons, beginners learn the breaststroke swimmer or freestyle. Among the three numbers that set the official pool International Swimming Federation (FINA), swimming the breaststroke is the slowest swimmer.
Backstroke swimming with your spine is facing the surface of the water. Foot and hand movements similar to freestyle, but with the supine body position on the water surface. Both hands are alternately driven into the waist like a paddling motion. Mouth and nose out of water so it is easy to take or dispose of breath with the mouth or nose.When swimming the backstroke, the face position is above the water so swimmers only see the top and can not see into the future. During a race, swimmers estimate the pool wall by counting the number of movements.Different from the attitude of swimmers start freestyle, breaststroke, or butterfly done on the block start, the swimmer doing the backstroke race during the start of the pool. Swimmers to the wall facing the pool with both hands holding an iron grip. Knees bent in between the two arms, while both feet resting on the wall of the pool.Backstroke swimming styles which are already known since ancient times. First time competed in the 1900 Paris Olympics, swimming the backstroke is the oldest style of the contested after the freestyle.