High jump pole

High jump pole
Today the sport that I want to discuss is about the high jump is a jump pole which is done with the help of the pole to achieve the highest leap.There are several techniques to do a high jump pole vaulter in this. Let us consider together the following explanation;Prefix, which made the first square off for the running position of the body must be controlled to make a move stick pole and rested appropriately.The leading engineering; have a long distance prefix, in order to reach maximum speed when the rivet. When running try to be consistent and excellent athlete who aims to control the position of his body of plugging the pole and stepping with the right fulcrum. Have held a strong pole, and to consider how to hold a fairly wide range, to obtain a good foothold.

GalahTeknik plug movement of the first pole stuck in the pole vault should be plugged directly into the front and top, do not shift the pole in the ground. Little if forced to make two separate hands on a fairly wide range. Plug in the pole vault after a distance of three steps before the rivet with the tip of the pole. Pole sticking straight line parallel so that the tip is located under the head of the athletes at the start to the pedestal. Speed ​​is very important when melentingkan pole, then the position of the body should directly lead to the back of the ditch landing. Feet should be used rivet is placed just below the line drawn perpendicular from the top hand. Before melentingkan pole movement is to be done; movement of the push-pull movement of pressing (pushing) pole with a hand that is lower, while the hand that pulled the pole down. Pull-swing movement is interesting movements with the hands above, while the body swung forward, the hand behind the bend. Both of these movements should be done properly, the body's center of gravity sehngga stays behind.MenggelantungGerakan swinging and aims to increase resilience and to store more potential energy in the pole vault. With the correct position of the jumper's body will get the best position to lift the body upward, while workers who kept time to hang out again soon to pass the bar.Traction and Round (pull and turn)Pulling movement (pull) begins when the body's center of gravity of the jumper is located near the pole. Start with the movement of energy that is released realign. This movement follows the phase of relatively passive after the body hanging, when the hopper waiting for the release of the body. Pull straight pole axis direction. Body rotation is obtained with the hand movements that began to draw towards the hips and not toward your chest. Both legs remain lifted upright, as carried out interesting and rotating movements.Push-off and crossing mistarGerakan push-off (melentingkan ourselves) is started immediately after the pull on the hand, reaches a position close to the hip. This movement is actually a continuation of the movement was interesting. At the beginning of this bouncy movements, poles should form sebesa 85-90 º. Before jumping off his hand, do so round a circular slide rule by dropping both legs slightly, and thrust the premises of the body's reaction to the pole. If the upward thrust exceeds Taikan to take the second leg, the center of gravity of the jumper will continue to soar after the pole is released.This last movement is a movement that is over the bar line. So the success of this movement depends on the training and exercise movements and techniques that really early so as to cause movement of the perfect ending. Thus, an explanation of the sport's high jump, pole vault, this sport to be subscribed in the list of institutions such as the Olympics etc. ivent.History of the country Lompot GalahBelanda coastal area is mostly below sea level. This led in this country there are many rivers and lakes. Because the majority of Dutch citizens when traveling to other places had to cross a river or lake.To get around the rivers and lakes that become barriers to travel, the Dutch use the pole vault Fierljeppen or lake. In the 13th century, farmers often used this way in Norway.As the times, Fierljeppen start contested. And who would have thought if Fierljeppen became the forerunner of the current pole vault. The difference with the pole vault, pole vault participants Fierljeppen to climb as high as possible in order to fall to its farthest.Not long ago the country was held the competition Fierljeppen Windmills. Demand quite a lot. They are required to cross the lake by using a 11 meter long aluminum pole. Course participants who reached the furthest distance will come out as winners.In addition to being the precursor sports, Fierljeppen also gave birth to the proverb do not jump further than a long pole held. Perbahasa that means do not go further than capabilities. (YNI)

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